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Fresh ingredients & inspired combinations cause delightfully, disorderly conduct in our pies

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And a splash of the g♡♡d stuff ????!

Beef & Whisky, Slow-cooked, with Chestnut Mushrooms

Slow cooked-beef, whisky, and baby chestnut mushrooms.

Chicken Chasseur & Sauvignon Blanc with Tarragon

Chicken, mushrooms, sweet vine tomatoes, dry cured bacon, sauvignon blanc.

Mushroom & Dry Gin with CHEESE OF THE Goat

Mushroom, goats cheese, thyme and, of course, Mediterranean dry gin.

Slow-cooked Pulled Lamb & Malbec Red with Hearty Veg

Slow cooked pulled lamb in Malbec red wine with roasted vine tomatoes, celery, carrots.

In the oven

Final Phase trials complete. All test subjects survived. Waiting to cool down by the window.


Still being tested on monkeys & small children. Expected before the next Star Wars movie.

Our Story

What’s our mission? What’s so special about our pies? And what do people think of them? Let’s begin!…


creating disorder in the pie-niverse…

Coffee Bean

Organic MEAT & VEG

Coffee Bean

Imbibed crust & fillings

Coffee Bean

CREATIVE piedeas

Our mission is to cause disorder at belly level, by turning conventional knowledge about pies on it’s head. Our simple principles; fresh, quality ingredients, a splash of the gd stuff designed to specifically compliment each recipe, and plenty of divine intervention, all allow us to create a new generation of gourmet pies.

Organic, free range, naturally-fed meats exclusively from

Macken Brothers of Chiswick


Organic, free range, naturally-fed meats exclusively from

Macken Brothers of Chiswick



There’s a cunningly complimentary tipple in each flavour profile…

Plus our secret recipe crust!

We let our cows play poker for an hour before bed, so we can get them steamed on whisky. They don’t seem to mind 😉

Our Piggies are served a dry, fruity Malbec with their swill every night.

We require that our chickens are reared on a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from an early age.

Vegetarians love gin, so we created a fusion that will knock your organic socks off.

… and a life of pie!

Hours are dedicated to experimenting, researching, and taste-testing our pies. Children go feral, washing piles up, but nothing get’s in the way of the creative process.

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