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Who are we? What’s so special about our pies? And what do people think of them? Let’s begin!…


Our story

where it all began…

Born from a love of great tasting, fuss-free food and a keen liking of a tasty tipple (or two), Captain Disorderly, fine father, even finer foodie, and serial pub fanatic, Duncan Phillips, has created a range of belly-warming, tummy-tickling, gourmet pies to deliver some disorder and delight to your table.

With high quality, high welfare meat, all sourced locally via the renowned Macken Brothers butchers in Turnham Green, the freshest veg and herbs and always a premium smattering of booze, Disorderly Pies will turn everything you know about conventional pies on its head. Badly behaved but brilliantly made.

Duncan Disorderly

what we do

eye’s on the pies

Fresh Menus

All our pies are made fresh for market day – no hanging around in freezers for these babies.

We're hooked up

Our butcher-bff’s are Macken Brothers, purveyours of ORGANIC, FREE RANGE, NATURALLY-FED MEATS. #TheBestBeasts @mackenbrothers

Gourmet Vibes

A pie is just as sophisticated as any other gourmet dish & should be treated as such, disorderly or not.

the good stuff

Our pie’s notorious disorder owes to the pastry infused with a delicious light bitter, & each flavour profile is imbibed with cunningly complimentary tipples.

Fresh Ingredients

Ingredients are bought fresh, & seasonally chosen where possible, to inspire & delight.

Creative Concepts

Literally months are spent experimenting & perfecting each recipe, although most new ideas are born in the shower.

Mission Statement

one day…




Michelin Stars


the people’s vote

“Fabulous food, fluffy pastry & flawless flavour”

“The veggie option is the way forward. And gin, so”


“Compliments to the chef!”

“The beef is cooked to perfection, and it fuses exquisitely with the Malbec. A pure delight”


“Mummy, I want some more”

“I love it. Can I have some ice cream?”

Elian, aged 3

“Another order on its way!”

“I was looking forward to my pie all day and it didn’t disappoint! A perfect way to end a winters’ day. Compliments to the team, another order will be on its way!”



new improved recipe includes free delivery across west london

Beat that competitors. Drop us a line if you live or work Westside. #WestIsTheBest

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